Quality systems & products

Quality systems & products

We are serious about quality at Pentair. So much so that we invest millions of dollars in testing to ensure that our products outperform all the others on the market. Through our quality systems, our products last longer and ultimately save our customers money.

There are no industry standards for particulate filtration cleaning systems – and it’s up to us to check that our manufacturing processes and end products are up to scratch. We have rigorous internal processes in place to complete these checks, and our customers are the ones that ultimately benefit.

Our 5CC leak test

One of the great examples of Pentair’s absolute commitment to quality is the ‘leak test’.

For every valve we produce, we test its compressed leakage rate against our own stringent standard. If a ¾” – 1” (20/25) valve doesn’t meet this 5CC leakage rate, or a 1½” – 3 ½” (35-102)  valvedoesn’t meet the 8CC leakage rate they get the red light and go back to production.

This test alone costs us hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, but we believe that it’s absolutely critical in maintaining the quality our customers have come to expect from Pentair.

Environmental certifications

Another example is our environmental certifications. Quality is one of our core strengths – and we are accredited with CSA, UL, CE, ATEX and ISO 9001. Furthermore, our focus on environmental solutions means that we are also ISO14001 accredited.

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