Installation environment impact on your safety & product durability

Installation environment impact on your safety & product durability

Product durability and employee safety is a concern that can impact you even when products are installed correctly. A common oversight when installing products on site is the impact that the environmental factors can have. Even when products are installed correctly and function well when tested can create safety and product durability and longevity issues. These can be natural environmental impacts such as rain, snow, salt water and sand as well as those created by the plant. Our experience has taught our engineers that the combination of harsh environments and unsuitably installed products within these environments can lead to issues such as corrosion and downtime costing you time, money and more importantly, can put the safety of your employees at risk. In order to protect your employees and the durability and longevity of your systems, reducing downtime, it is important to install products both correctly and also in consideration of the environment that they will function in. An example of how the environmental factors can cause safety concern and product functionality issues is shown in this real life case study below.



A pilot valve was set up without consultation with Goyen engineers, which was correctly installed, however without consideration of the environmental factors including the ingress of moisture & chlorine gas.

What was the issue?

An Employee received a mild electrical shock from contact with pilot valve. Goyen engineers were consulted to help provide a solution to prevent future cases and understand the problem.

What we found

1. Damaging environmental conditions at the installation location, specifically the ingress of moisture and chlorine gas, has caused a premature breakdown of the pilot valve outer protective casing

2. The breakdown in the electrical insulation has allowed the moisture to conduct electrical current outside the damaged protective case.
graph 1
graph 2


Our Recommendations

After consulting with Goyen engineers the following recommendations were made to ensure a repeat incident did not occur:

•  The existing pilot valves were replaced with Goyen remote pilot valves, allowing them to be protected from environmental conditions and located in a less extreme environment.

•  In addition to this, encasing the remote pilot valves in a Goyen Nema 4 enclosure with an epoxy coating will assist to protect them from the installation environment.

•  Consideration should be given to the material used for the pilot line depending on the concentration of Chlorine gas in the environment.

Goyen engineers were able to quickly provide a cost effective solution to ensure the safety personnel and minimized downtime. The expertise provided by Goyen engineers proved to be vital to a safe working environment and maintained product performance.

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