Buy genuine Goyen & Mecair products

We encourage all Goyen and Mecair customers to double-check that the parts and products you buy are genuine Pentair Clean Air Systems products. With our rigorous adherence to quality control, only our products will stand the test of time and save you money.

Unfortunately, there are companies out there that sell parts and products that mimic our own. These products are much more likely to fail faster, and will end up costing your business time and money.

We recommend that you always buy your Pentair products from a trusted Pentair dealer.

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Genuine Goyen Parts

Goyen absolutely stands behind the quality of its products. 

Using Genuine Goyen Service Parts is Vital to Cleaning Filters!

Dust collector operators, service companies and component resellers may from time to time come into contact with companies offering to sell service kits suitable for use in Goyen pulse jet valves. Sometimes these service kits are counterfeit product, pretending to be genuine Goyen parts.

A single broken pulse jet valve diaphragm will stop a dust collector from functioning properly. If the process the dust collector serves is important to the plant, then it is vital that genuine Goyen service kits are used, purchased from a reputable reseller or direct from Goyen.

Goyen CAS Kit
Goyen CAS Kit2

 A Genuine Goyen Spare Part (shrink wrapped with Goyen Logo)

It is important to use genuine Goyen pulse valve service kits because:

1. Goyen sources the best membrane available globally with which to make diaphragms. Presently there is only one make of membrane that meets Goyen´s high standards for burst strength, peel strength, pulse response, durability and no weeping through the fibres. This material is only available to Goyen.

2. Goyen genuine service kits are operationally tested for use at pressures up to 125 psi (860 kPa). This is the highest pressure rating for any diaphragm intended for use in pulse jet valves.

3. Goyen genuine service kits use certified materials, so you can be assured that the quality materials used are exactly what they claim to be.

4. The sealing surfaces of Goyen diaphragm kits are impact tested at maximum pressure to 1 million cycles. Goyen verifies its component performance with tests at the extremes of temperature.

Our genuine Goyen kits are easy to identify as they come shrink wrapped on green card with the Goyen Logo on the packaging.

You can only be certain you have a genuine Goyen service kit, if the component is marked as Goyen Genuine Parts, and you have purchased it from an authorised Goyen reseller or from Pentair Clean Air Systems. 

GenuineIK2529 DE
This IS a GENUINE Goyen Diaphragm Kit. The Goyen diaphragm kit uses the part number K2529.
Non-genuineIK2529 DE
This is NOT a genuine Goyen Diaphragm Kit (Note that the labelling is of poor quality.). This non-genuine product uses the part number I-K2529.



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